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Find your true calling and start your clear, successful Soul Business!

Leave the uncertainty about your calling, the procrastination, and all the hustle behind. Finally get to lead your truly free, fulfilling & successful Soul Business in 3 steps:

  1. Learn how to understand and follow your inner, intuitive impulses

  2. Find your true niche and offer, which is part of your individual soul mission

  3. Get rid of your limiting blockages around earning money and take off with your unique Soul Business in your very own, easy and

        intuitive way.

Grüne Blätter
“Dear Christina,
it was really an honor to do this program with you [..]. Of course, I was initially skeptical as to whether it could really be that I would find my calling after only 9 weeks - after all, I didn't make it for 29 years :D
Thanks to you and your wonderful program, I now have the opportunity to pursue my real passion. 
The sessions were sooo helpful, just like the workbook, that I even enjoyed doing my "homework". It was never too much, nor too little -
it was just right in every way. 
Anyone who knows me knows that I am a friend of efficiency and that I am also very critical. That's why I started Christinas podcast "Herzensgold" before the program and "tested" whether and how exactly the law of attraction works..

My Business Mentoring Program is for you if..

  • you are stuck in your frustrating 9/5 job that feels heavy and exhausting. Deep inside of you, you know there is so much more, but you don't know how to get out of this hamster wheel. You have already tried so much to find your true calling.

  • you want to become self-employed as a coach to support people in their personal development or health, but you have no idea what your real niche should be


  • you are overwhelmed with all the practical steps into launching your own business

  • you have already started your own business, but you procrastinate because you are not clear about your true offer and as a result, you have a hard time finding clients

  • you finally want to find your calling and to start your own business with a deeply rooted, clear vision and certainty about your path

  • you want to earn your money with joy, ease and complete fulfillment- no more trading time with money. No more limited vacation days and stuffy offices.

  • you want to build your business in your own way, in flow with your intuitive impulses and run it confidently without being dependent on strategies that you don't enjoy

  • you can hardly wait to start your holistically fulfilling business full of energy and deeply connected with your inner wisdom with me as your mentor.

This is what awaits you in my 4,6 or 9 months Business Mentoring Program:

Das 10-wöchige Herzensberufungs-Programm als Grundlage mit einem wöchentlichen 1:1 Zoom-Call, interaktivem Workbook und Aufgaben für deinen klaren Start

Begleitende Übungen, Meditationen und Clearings als Audiodatei, um limitierende Überzeugungen aufzulösen & in deiner hohen Energie zu bleiben

Support bei Fragen über Telegram

Nach der 10-wöchigen Klarheitsfindung:
Mentoring-Calls für deine Business- Umsetzung alle zwei Wochen

Welcome Package mit goldenem Journal und lebenslangen Zugang zu deinen Coaching-
Calls im privaten Mitgliederbereich


Bonusmaterial & HowTos für die praktische Umsetzung deines Business (z.B. wie du deinen passenden, erfolgreichen Podcast startest)

Grüne Blätter

Why I am your expert for your successful Soul Business

After a bank apprenticeship and a degree in English und Business Administration, I myself was disoriented and frustrated for years when I was looking for that one job that really belonged to me. I was depressed by the 9/5 corporate life and so disappointed of the monotonous professional life I had striven for all these years. I spent 6 years looking for my calling and got to know a wide variety of areas.

But only when I 
really got to know myself and learned to understand my inner voice and intuitive impulses, my very own soul calling came to me crystal clear.
I then developed my very own process, which in 10 weeks leads to your clear niche and soul offering by connecting the superconscious, subconscious and conscious mind. Today, I guide people into their free, fulfilling Soul Business. Focusing also my marketing only on what I truly love, I decided against social media and the common business strategies. I went all in with my online business with my "Herzensgold" podcast which was in the German ApplePodcast charts within only 3 months. I love spending the winters at the beach and my vision is to give as many people as possible the same freedom and fulfillment with their very own calling and their successful Soul Business. 

Because life is far too short to make compromises. 

If you are ready to finally start your free and fulfilling business and to earn your money with ease and joy, then book a free Clarity Call with me. Ask me all your questions and we can then together explore whether my program is suitable for you. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

All the best to you 
Christina ♡

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